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2024 Global Healing Circle

Erik Swenson

Erik Swenson


The Dare to be Aware Fair is excited to announce that a unique Group Healing & Energy Session is being made available free of charge for all who choose to participate from 9:00 – 9:45 am the morning of the Fair. (If you want to attend, please plan to arrive no later than 8:50 am.)


You know those times, those places, where you feel so connected, where you become lost in the details of consciousness, and simply glow, radiate, and shine?

This is what we create and experience together in the Global Healing Circles.

Led by Erik Swenson, who began sharing energy healing over 30 years ago, including over 100 in-person group healing sessions in the past decade-plus throughout the US and abroad, these sessions have been as powerful as they are gentle, as transformational as they are healing, a respite from the thoughts and energies of everyday life, and a most wonderful segue into the vibrationally radiant day that awaits us all at the Dare to Be Aware Fair.

There is no magic, or hocus pocus, so to speak; instead, Erik will create and maintain a highest vibration of love, peace, and oneness in which the higher self of each participant will lead each person to their own unique experience.

Invigorating, empowering, soulfully expanding, healing, profound peace and stillness, each of these – and more – will be available for participants who attend this event to experience in person. Erik will also be inviting others from throughout the world to join us remotely for this special Dare Fair Healing & Energy session.

Feel free to visit with Erik at his booth (VIP 1) at the Dare Fair, to pick up a copy of his new book, which be available at the Dare Fair. He will be happy to sign it for you! Also, you can attend his presentation at 1:30pm in Collaborate A, which will focus on a brief summary of the 10 Eternal Truths he defines within this consciousness raising book.

What you need to know to participate: YOU MUST ARRIVE BETWEEN 8:30 and 8:50 to participate, please bring a yoga mat or something to assist you in being comfortable laying on the floor to participate (people with limited mobility are welcome to participate in whatever manner is best for them). ALL are welcome, and there is NO charge for this Global Healing & Energy Session!

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