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2022 Keynote Speaker

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Markus Kasunich


For over 20 years, Holistic Life and Consciousness Coach, Markus Kasunich has personally helped people from all over the world to reveal, guide and empower their unlimited potential and completely transform their lives.  As a professional speaker, author, healer, spiritual teacher and coach, one of the most common issues he addresses with clients, and those on the path of self-exploration, is the ongoing challenge of navigating personal relationships.

Everyone has a heart-felt longing to create “real”, connected and deeply fulfilling romantic and platonic relationships.  What does it take? For many, it can often feel frustrating and difficult to create and maintain conscious relationships. As you continue your journey into deeper self-awareness consider:

  • How do you consciously navigate the existing relationships in your life with awareness?

  • How do you manifest the type of relationships that you dream about and that you know you deserve?

  • How do you continue to sustain these healthy, conscious and awakened relationships in your life?


Join Markus as he offers the powerful spiritual keys for creating and sustaining conscious relationships, and to finally manifest the intimacy, connection, and fulfillment that you have always dreamed about. Through exercises in self-exploration, alchemical tools and a revolutionary map of consciousness, he will empower you to completely shift and transform all the inner and outer relationships in your life.


Markus has spent over 20 years developing a thriving international coaching practice. He is a prolific speaker, a gifted healer, frequently published writer, and has been a guest on many radio programs and podcasts. He facilitates powerful group retreats, workshops, live events, online Q&A and engaging group coaching webcasts. 


His new book, IRAM:  A Map for Creating Conscious Relationships was officially released in 2021 and is available on Amazon and through his website.


In 2022 Markus officially launched the Relation SHIFT Academy. This powerful online forum offers hundreds of hours of transformational self-development content that can completely transform every relationship in your life from the inside out.

The site offers weekly updated online content (courses, videos, podcasts, articles, webcasts, newsletters and discounted private sessions with Markus) for every area or personal development.  Membership also allows you access to the regular LIVE Relation SHIFT webcast where you can connect directly with Markus, ask questions, discuss issues and receive powerful Holistic Life and Relationship coaching to assist you on your journey of self-discovery. 


Markus has had an extraordinary journey, having committed his entire life to the exploration of consciousness. His passion for inquiry began with a childhood near-death experience and continued with his university studies in art, psychology, alternative healing, metaphysics, consciousness and various systems of formal meditation all over the world.


He explored a yearlong solitary vision quest in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. He spent another 11 years immersed in the monastic lifestyle of an ashram community where he continued to study and mentor with gurus, shamans, mystics, healers, spiritual teachers and yogis from all over the world. He helped facilitate events as an emerging spiritual teacher and healer for the global community.  Markus eventually re-entered society in 2012 without a job, money or possessions, and spent 4 years creating a highly successful Holistic Life and Consciousness coaching business from the ground up.


As a result of his extensive study, years of experience, depth of knowledge, and intuitive gifts, Markus offers a broad scope of teaching on topics such as:  relationships, spirituality, metaphysics, meditation, healing modalities, personal development, emotional awareness, creativity, business, psychology, consciousness, success, mindset and more.


Markus uses a Holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit) practical approach to explore the “Universe of You”. Combining the practical and esoteric, Eastern and Western approaches, Markus has an unconventional, uncanny ability to systematically unravel and reprogram limiting patterns and dynamics in the many layers of consciousness and develop sustainable awareness.


He truly believes in the possibility of having it all:   Financial success, abundance, love, personal growth spiritual fulfillment, creativity, service, and a truly inspired, purposeful life. He teaches through the example of his life and remains deeply committed to his personal quest of self-exploration, purification, and self-realization.


Markus weaves his diverse background, remarkable life-experiences, an inspired perspective, and his cultivated awareness with comprehensive systems and tools into the practical world of business, relationships and all aspects of daily life. He teaches people and organizations to empower their own dreams, discover their purpose, and truly realize their unlimited potential.

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