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2024 Keynote Speaker


Jill Borsos

Money Wellness: 5 Keys to Power Your Prosperity Path
Money Wellness: 5 Keys to Power Your Prosperity Path.
If you feel that money is not meeting your expectations, you may feel frustrated or even exhausted. That can be a heavy weight to carry. Yet, you know you have greater potential, and of course, you're right! With these 5 keys, 
you will walk away with a roadmap to power your prosperity path to feel inspired and energized. 

As a catalyst for change, Jill Borsos guides people to realizing their potential and living life to the fullest!

Through her role as a Transformation Personal/Business Coach, Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach, intuitive, healer and speaker, Jill is here to inspire, encourage, empower, champion, and be your confidant, advocate, and cheerleader so that you can transform your current state and achieve your desired outcome, experience enlightenment, and feel liberated and unstoppable.

Sometimes, life’s experiences can knock the wind out of your sails, such as:

  • No matter what you do, things are not moving forward in your business, career, and/or income

  • Due to your upbringing and/or past experiences, you have a tumultuous relationship with money

  • Your role changed in your job, business, or family

  • Your position was eliminated, you were wrongfully dismissed, or treated unfairly

  • You or your family are experiencing health challenges

  • You experienced the tragic loss of a loved one


In any case, your mind is reeling, you are overrun with emotions, your confidence has taken a hit, and you feel disheartened, overwhelmed, defeated, and exhausted. You can’t see a path through it. And, if that isn’t enough, you are truly worried about money!

What do you do?

  • You don't know how you'll be more productive, let alone prosperous.

  • Maybe you know what to do but can't bring yourself to do it.

  • You may have opportunities in front of you but not the energy to pursue them

  • You just don't know how can you rise above it 

Let’s put wind in your sails!

If you feel that money is not meeting your expectations, that can be a heavy weight to carry. Yet, you know you have greater potential, and of course, you’re right! In Jill’s keynote presentation, Money Wellness: 5 Keys to Power Your Prosperity Path, you will walk away with a roadmap to power your prosperity path, feeling inspired and energized.

She warmed my heart, calmed my nerves and energized my spirit!

~ Jeanine Sweeney, Event Organizer, Milwaukee Athletic Club


With an interest in potential and self-development, Jill constantly absorbed resources to grow and support those around her. Throughout the years, her focus was improving and streamlining processes, collaborating with others to enhance and design applications for ease of workflow, helping her co-workers and staff realize their potential, and stepping into higher levels of leadership in a global, Fortune 500 company in the financial/technology services industry.

Later in her career, Jill found herself driven to go beyond conventional management principles and dive deeper into the power of the mind, universal laws/truths, quantum physics, spiritual beliefs, cultures and leaders, and honing in her intuitive and healing gifts, through reading, studying and working directly with world class coaches and mentors.

As a result, Jill experienced her own transformations and realized the potential that we all have—that YOU have!

Now, Jill helps others like you transform their lives through her gifts and the transformative coaching method she developed, which invites free-flowing, open conversation, active listening, clarity of vision, and a path and energy alignment for achieving your heart’s desire, and, most often, results that come more easily, quicker, and even greater than you had imagined!

With her intuitive gifts, she has a mystical ability to reveal the truth, epiphanies, and enlightening and life-altering perspectives, which ultimately empower you to change the course of your life so that you can live life to the fullest!

Jill loves seeing her clients surprise themselves, feel satisfaction, and pride in their achievements. They find joy in sharing their newfound wisdom and experiences to encourage others, treasuring the wonderful changes in their relationships (especially their life partner and children). Clients experience what powerful creators they truly are and express themselves in beautiful and inspirational ways, being an even brighter light in the world.

She is known by her clients as a gentle, loving confidant who offers acceptance, compassion, insights, wisdom, life-changing awareness, and liberation.

Before I started working with Jill, I was stuck in a spinning energy.

I was rushing through life and because of that, suffering physically and mentally.

Once I started working with Jill, I immediately started feeling better.

But what surprised me most is that it keeps getting better!

… every time we talk I get "aha moments" and feel amazing.

I have reached all my income and health goals, and am setting my sights even higher!

Huge thanks to Jill.  She's a fantastic coach!

- Steffi Hahn, Vice President, Anderson Commercial Group, LLC


Join Jill’s presentation. See what is possible for YOU!

Stop by her booth - 112 - to say hello and learn more.


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