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The Secret to Creating Conscious Relationships

Markus Kasunich

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM





Join Markus Kasunich, professional speaker, author, healer, spiritual teacher, and coach, as he offers the powerful spiritual keys for creating and sustaining inner and outer conscious relationships, and to finally manifest the intimacy, connection, and fulfillment that you have always dreamed about. Through exercises in self-exploration, alchemical tools, and a revolutionary map of consciousness, he will empower you to completely shift and transform all the inner and outer relationships in your life.

• What are some of the most powerful and overlooked keys to creating conscious relationships?
• What is the relationship between your emotions and your needs? Why is this important?
• How do you continue to sustain these healthy, conscious and awakened relationships in your life?
• Learn the most important skill that opens up the door to deeper inner and outer awareness.

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