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Channeling and Other Metaphysical Experiences

Channeled Illuminations

2:30 PM - 3:20 PM





This presentation will be an introduction to the world of channeling messages from angelic, ascended, elemental, and galactic sources. We will also cover other metaphysical experiences, such as speaking light language and energetic activations, as time allows.

Susan Mulheran - The Illumination Realm LLC:
I am a conscious channel for high-vibrational messages from angelic, ascended, elemental, and galactic beings including speaking their light language and facilitating healing by acting as a conduit for Divine Source energy. My ability with telepathic interspecies communication (e.g., human, animals, trees, elementals) is continuing to open. I also create energy-infused artwork that helps to enlighten or activate viewers on their own illumination path.

Wendy Napolitano - Quantum Healer & Channeler:
I am a Quantum Energy Healer, Channeler, and Kundalini Reiki Master. My services include Past Life Regressions, assisting to awaken your divine gifts, activating DNA Key Codes, and light language. I activate crystalline DNA, divine feminine, dragon healing, and many other energies. I also work with Crystals and Crystal Skulls for anchoring codes into our New Earth.

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